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Whether you've got a fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, a couple Ford transit vans, a few company pickup trucks, or some delivery cars, Revolution Vinyl wants to be your company car wrap specialist for Northern Utah! 

From spot or partial graphics to full vehicle graphics and custom vinyl lettering, Revolution Vinyl is the top Ogden wrap advertising shop. We provide all types of vehicle vinyl wrapping solutions, as well as window graphics, wall wraps, and custom business signage for all-around marketing.

For custom vehicle graphics and wrap advertising in Ogden, Layton, Clearfield, or anywhere in Davis or Weber counties, call Revolution Vinyl today at (801) 645-8429 for your free consultation!
Get Vehicle Graphics!

Spot Graphics

For those wanting an affordable fleet graphics solution, spot graphics or vehicle decals can communicate your brand message on a budget.  

1. You can use them to communicate your company name, logo, phone number, website, and even a tagline. 
2. Place them on the doors of your car, pickup truck, van, or other company vehicle. 
3. Apply them to a trailer, box truck, food truck, or an entire fleet of vans. 

Revolution Vinyl is the leading Ogden spot graphics and car decals shop for all types of work vehicles for all types of businesses. 

So, if you'd like a logo decal, some simple messaging, or other types of spot graphics, call Revolution Vinyl and we'll make it happen!
Spot graphics installed by Revolution Vinyl in Utah
Full vehicle graphics installed by Revolution Vinyl

Full Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics create an eye-catching mobile advertisement that will get lots of attention on the freeway, around town, or parked on the street. Wrapping your company vans, pickup trucks, or box trucks in full automobile graphics transforms them into a mobile billboard, and the larger they are, the greater the effect of this billboard in terms of its visibility and advertising reach. 

Studies show that people notice branded vehicle wraps, much more than other forms of advertising, which makes sense if you think about it: you're stuck in traffic or driving down the freeway, and there, beside you, is a vivid Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van with plumbing company advertising plastered across it. 

Of course you're going to take notice…it's not like you have anything else to stare at. 

What's more, if you wrap your company vehicles once then they advertise for you 24/7/365 (auto graphics can last for years). You won't find another marketing or advertising avenue that gives a better ROI.

Custom Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

You can do a lot with custom vinyl lettering, and you can use it for personal, aesthetic, or advertising purposes. 

• Throw some large vinyl block letters on a box truck, a wall, or some other large surface, and you're communicating loudly and clearly about your brand, your perspective, or whatever it is you want folks to pay attention to. 
• Do some fine script on your storefront window and you create a sense of elegance. 
• If you live by a personal motto, you could have that motto transferred to vinyl lettering and put across the hood of your vehicle. 
• Or maybe across the rear window of your pickup truck, using one-way vision perforated window graphics.

Whatever your preferred aesthetic and whatever the surface you're using for communication, you'll want to use Revolution Vinyl for your custom lettering needs. We're the top Ogden graphic and sign shop for all types of vinyl lettering and we'll be sure to do right by you! 
Custom vinyl lettering installed by Revolution Vinyl in Utah

Revolution Vinyl Wrap Services

Wrap Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

How much do vehicle graphics cost?
Vehicle graphic projects can range in price from very low to thousands of dollars, based on a variety of criteria such as the type of graphics, the size and number of vehicles, and the materials to be used.

For a free consultation and pricing on your specific wrap advertising project, call 801-645-8429 or email
How long does it take to install vehicle graphics?
Installing vehicle graphics will take two to three days. We will make every attempt to expedite your request, especially if you provide us with a deadline.

If you have a corporate fleet, call Revolution Vinyl at 801-645-8429 and we'll provide you with an estimate.
Is it easy to maintain vehicle graphics?
Yes, it's easy to maintain vehicle graphics and wraps. You should just clean them regularly, like how you clean your car's factory paint. 
Do vinyl graphics damage the paint of vehicles?
Vinyl graphics do more than simply serve as a form of advertising; they also protect the paint on your vehicle, especially when it's manufactured and installed by specialists. Vinyl vehicle graphics should come off cleanly when you're ready to remove it, leaving your factory paint in the same condition it was when you had the vehicle wrap installed.
What happens if the vinyl graphics get damaged?
If your vehicle graphics are damaged, contact Revolution Vinyl and we'll set up an appointment to assess the damage and provide you with an estimate. Our vinyl wrap professionals may be able to replace a piece of the graphics in some situations, saving you money.
Do vinyl graphics scratch easily?
Our vehicle graphics are printed on vinyl products that are designed to withstand regular use. However, they can be damaged.

The good thing is, even if your vinyl wrap gets a scratch, at least your factory paint was protected because the wrap took the brunt of it!

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