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Revolution Vinyl is the top Utah boat wrap shop, specializing in custom vinyl lettering for boats, custom boat decal projects, color change vinyl boat wraps, and printed boat wrap graphics.

Our boat wrap specialists are the best in the business. From design, manufacturing, installation, and even removal of vinyl wraps, we handle it all. We use the highest-grade marine vinyl products available on the market to make sure that your boat graphics and wraps will last for a long time.

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Custom Boat Graphics

With printed vehicle vinyl wrap material from Avery Dennison or 3M, Revolution Vinyl can make your boat unique! 

If you already have some artwork or a pattern prepared, just send us the vector file and we'll print it to the boat wrap material. If you don't have artwork, our designers can work with you to create the perfect set of boat graphics! 

After you've approved the boat graphic proofs, our large format printing operation kicks in and we print the artwork onto the vehicle vinyl wrap material. 

Finally, our seasoned boat wrap experts prepare the surface of your boat or personal watercraft and carefully apply the vinyl graphics to your boat. 

When we're done, you'll have a one-of-a-kind watercraft that will turn heads on the freeway and the lake! Revolution Vinyl is the top Ogden boat graphics company, so call today to discuss getting some vinyl graphics on your boat!
Boat graphics designed and installed in Ogden Utah Revolution Vinyl
Boat lettering designed, manufactured, and installed in Ogden Utah by Revolution Vinyl

Boat Lettering

Some custom vinyl lettering is a great way to add a personal touch to your boat, jet ski, or other personal watercraft. Vinyl lettering is more economical than full vinyl boat graphics, yet can still help your watercraft stand out.

Whether you want your lettering in a blocky font, cursive font, or Japanese kanji, Revolution Vinyl can handle all types of vinyl lettering. We can put your vessel's name on the rear of the boat, on the starboard bow, or wherever else. 

Do you have a personal motto? Whether it's "Memento mori," "My other boat is a yacht," "Remember to enjoy yourself," or "Live and let live," Revolution Vinyl can bring that motto to vivid life on the hull of your boat. 

We can also do custom lettering in the form of a decal, whether it be for your boat registration, as part of a larger decal graphic, or for any other purpose. 

In short, if you need letters, numbers, words, or images on your boat, Revolution Vinyl is the Ogden vinyl wrap shop for the job! If you've got a boat in the greater Ogden, Layton, or Clearfield region, hit us up!

Custom Boat Wraps

A vinyl color change boat wrap is a great way to transform the look of your watercraft and update its appearance.

Revolution Vinyl is fond of 2080 series vinyl wrap made by The 3M Company for color change boat wraps. The 3M™ 2080 Series Boat Wrap film offers more than a hundred unique colors, finishes, and patterns. From the "color flip" (where the color is not solid but changes depending on lighting) Caribbean Shimmer in satin finish, to the textured Carbon Fiber Anthracite, to Gloss Hotrod Red to Matte Copper Metallic, there are so many cool boat wrap finishes in this line.

Then, to extend your choices still further, we also offer boat wraps in Avery Dennison's 900 Boat Wrap vinyl series. It, too, has more than a hundred designer colors, from Gloss Metallic Sand Sparkle to Satin Bubblegum Pink to the effervescence of Diamond Amber.
Boat wrap installed in Ogden Utah by Revolution Vinyl

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Boat Graphics Frequently Asked Questions

Do boat wraps and graphics really pay off?
There are a number of reasons for you to believe that wraps and graphics, aside from the fact that they are really stunning, are worth it:

• Boat wraps are long-lasting and weather-resistant
• Vinyl wraps are less expensive than a quality paint job
• Customizing, installing, maintaining, and removing boat wraps is easy
• If you're a Utah business owner, your boat graphics can advertise your business, getting you a positive return on your investment
What is the cost of wrapping a boat?
The price of vinyl boat wraps depends on the size of your boat and the type of wrap you want, whether it's a color change wrap or custom graphics. 

Boat lettering, small boat decals, and spot graphics, on the other hand, tend to be less expensive than complete wraps or full graphics.

Contact Revolution Vinyl today at 801-645-8429 or for a free, no-obligation estimate on vinyl boat wraps or boat graphics for your watercraft.
How long do wraps, graphics, and lettering on boats last?
On horizontal surfaces, such as a boat's hull, boat wraps typically last three to five years, but much longer on vertical surfaces. The durability of a wrap is governed by a number of factors, including printing quality, installation, maintenance, and exposure to environmental elements, much like any other material.

Naturally, Revolution Vinyl adheres to the highest quality standards in selection of materials, printing, surface preparation, and installation of boat wraps and graphics.
How do you take care of vinyl wraps for boats?
To ensure a well-maintained boat wrap, follow these three simple steps:

• After rinsing with fresh water, wash your boat by hand at least once a week with mild soap and a water mixture like dish detergent.
• Use a trusted polish with UV ray protection to polish the boat, including the vinyl wrap.
• When the boat is out of the water, keep it in a covered area to protect it from the elements.
Can you wrap a boat below the waterline?
While it's possible to wrap a boat below the waterline, Revolution Vinyl advises against it.
What is the best vinyl wrap for a boat?
You can choose from a variety of boat wrap manufacturers on the market today. Here at Revolution Vinyl, we offer quality boat wrap products from The 3M Company and Avery Dennison.
Can I wrap my own boat?
You can wrap your boat yourself, but Revolution Vinyl recommends leaving it to the pros. Investing in professional boat vinyl installation may be more expensive, but you'll save time and have confidence knowing the job is done right.

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