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Now is the best time to transform your trailer into a mobile billboard that advertises your business all along the Wasatch Front. With vehicle wrap advertisements getting thousands of impressions per day on the road, you want to jump on this marketing opportunity.

You can count on Revolution Vinyl for all of your Utah trailer graphics needs. We are Northern Utah's leading full-service provider for all aspects of trailer wrap advertising, from design through printing and installation.

Revolution Vinyl uses the highest quality vehicle vinyl wrap products to ensure that your trailer wraps advertise for you year after year.

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Advertising Your Business with Trailer Graphics

Utilize that empty space on the sides and back of your trailer. With printed vinyl graphics from Revolution Vinyl, your work trailer becomes a mobile billboard for your product or service.

Revolution Vinyl offers a variety of vehicle graphics and wrap options that can be installed on your trailer.

You could cover the entire painted surface of your trailer with a full wrap advertising package.

Or, for a more budget-friendly option, you could opt for a simple decal of your company's logo. Or some spot graphics that include your phone number, website, tagline, and a few graphic elements.

Revolution Vinyl also provides custom vinyl lettering printing and application. Some tasteful vinyl lettering can allow you to communicate your message in an affordable way.  
Truck wraps for business promotion
Ogden Vehicle Graphics wrap - Revolution Vinyl

Graphics for All Types of Trailers

We at Revolution Vinyl do all types of wraps and graphic installation for all types of trailers and vehicles:

We can do custom graphic design and installation for these types of trailers and more:

• Enclosed trailer (dry van)
• Refrigerated trailer
• Display trailer (event marketing trailer)
• Medical trailer ( mobile clinic)
• Kitchen trailer
• Box trailer

If you have trailers, alongside vans, trucks, vans, and SUVs, for your company fleet, we can offer you our fleet graphics services as well.

Trailer Graphics Frequently Asked Questions

How much do trailer graphics cost?
Trailer graphics have a range of costs. On the low end, you can get some basic spot graphics or vinyl lettering for a few hundred dollars. On the higher end, custom full-coverage vinyl graphics can cost several thousand dollars. To understand pricing for your specific trailer application, call Revolution Vinyl at 801-645-8429 for a free, no-obligation estimate.
Is it easy to maintain trailer graphics?
Vinyl wraps, including trailer graphics, should be cleaned regularly, just as you would clean your factory paint. The more you can keep them out of direct sunlight, the better.
Do graphics damage the paint of trailers?
More than just serving as an advertising medium, vinyl graphics protect the paint of your trailer, especially when it's manufactured and installed by professionals.
What happens if the graphics get damaged?
If your trailer graphics get damaged, call Revolution Vinyl and we will arrange an appointment to examine the extent of the damage and give you an estimate. In some cases, our vinyl wrap experts might be able to replace a portion of the graphics, saving you significant money.
How long does it take to install trailer graphics?
The trailer wrapping process will take 2-3 days for a single work trailer. If you have a fleet of trailers, call Revolution Vinyl at 801-645-8429 and we'll provide you with an estimate.
Do trailer wraps scratch easy?
Revolution Vinyl's trailer graphics are printed on vinyl products that are designed to withstand regular use. However, they can be damaged.

The good thing is, even if your trailer wrap gets a scratch, at least your factory paint was protected because the wrap took the brunt of it!

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