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Window film or window perf is a versatile and transformative signage medium for your vehicle and building windows.

One-way visibility window film perforation graphics allow you to see out but others to not see in. Instead, they see the graphics that we've printed on your custom window film! Pretty cool, right?

If your office has a bit too much visibility, privacy glass window film could be the answer. If you want to create a feeling of coziness in your café, you might consider privacy film to allow your patrons to see outside while keeping passers-by from seeing in.

Window graphics can be a great way to advertise your brand on storefront windows, bus windows, van windows, or office windows. 

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Vehicle Window Film

Window film, perforated window graphics, perforation, window perf, custom window decals: it goes by several names, but all of these terms refer to a printable vinyl film that allows for one-way vision. 

The holes in the window film (perforations) allow light to pass through, and allow for people on the inside of the vehicle to see through to the outside. 

On the other hand, people on the outside looking in can't see through the window film. Instead, they see vehicle graphics!

The privacy aspect is pretty cool (in this respect, it functions similarly to tinted windows), but even better is the ability to install custom signage on your windows and use them as a part of your vehicle graphics package! 

Alternatively, you could use window film as a stand-alone vehicle graphic feature, such as a slogan across the rear window of a pickup truck. 
Vehicle window film installed by Revolution Vinyl
Storefront window film installed by Revolution Vinyl

Storefront Window Graphics

Window graphics can go on buildings, too! That same window perf technology (one-way vision or one-way visibility) makes perf window graphics perfect for:
1. storefronts
2. restaurants
3. retail locations
4. brick-and-mortar businesses with glasswork facing outside
5. office building windows
6. cafe windows or coffeeshop windows

We can print your sale, advertisement, graphics, business signage, or whatever you want onto window film. Then, our crew of talented window graphics technicians will install it at your place of business! 

With some custom window graphics from Revolution Vinyl, your blank expanses of glass will be transformed into advertising, art, signage, or informational material. We can do short-term window film graphics (special events, special offers, and the like) or more permanent ones (core branding, etc). 

Privacy Glass Window Film

If you want your glass to still allow light to pass through but you're not crazy about people seeing in, some privacy glass window film might be the ticket. 

Revolution Vinyl offers several types of privacy glass film for your company branding:
• printed
• patterned
• perforated
• translucent
• semi-opaque

You can choose from any of following window privacy film effects:
1. stained glass window film
2. frosted glass privacy film
3. etched glass privacy window film
4. artsy privacy film
5. custom graphics window film

You get the idea: privacy glass film can be done in a lot of different ways. But all of them serve the same purpose: let light in, while keeping prying eyes out. 
Window privacy glass by Revolution Vinyl

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Window Film Frequently Asked Questions

How much does window film cost?
Window films projects can range in price from very low to thousands of dollars, based on a variety of criteria such as the size and number of windows, installation location, and type of window graphics needed.

Call 801-645-8429 or email for a free consultation and pricing on your specific window film project.
How long will it take you to finish the window film installation?
The length of time it takes to install window films and privacy glass film depends on the size and scope of the project. We make every attempt to expedite your order, especially if you provide us with a deadline.

Within the greater Ogden area, we can usually accomplish window film projects in two to three days. If you need a more accurate time estimate for your project, please call us at 801-645-8429. 
How do you maintain window film and vinyl window graphics?
It's simple to keep your window film in good shape. Use a soft cloth or a clean synthetic sponge for washing instead of bristle brushes. Also wipe the sills and frames with a different towel or sponge. We recommend Windex and other common cleaning solutions.
How long does window perf last?
Under the appropriate conditions, all types of window film can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. These conditions include the quality of the materials used, the state of the window, the direction in which the window faces (sun exposure), and the local climate.
Do you offer custom window signs?
Yes, Revolution Vinyl is a Utah-based company that specializes in custom window signs. For your store, office, or vehicle, we can design a custom sign on the right material to meet your needs. Window signs made by us can be found all over the state of Utah. We can't wait to work with you and your company.

In addition to wall wraps and vehicle wrap advertising, Revolution Vinyl also offers a variety of other custom signage options such as vehicle wrap advertising and wall decals.
Does privacy window film work at night?
Yes, the window film will block roughly 95% of the light at night, providing you with a great amount of privacy.
Is it possible to reuse window film?
While it is simple to remove window film, it cannot be reinstalled. Revolution Vinyl's window film is a one-time use product that is designed to provide a long-term solution to a variety of problems.
What is the difference between a window decal and a window cling?
Window clings are similar to window decals but there is no adhesive backing. Instead, window clings stay on the smooth surface because of static electricity. This means that they can only stick to glass or plastic and not on other flat surfaces, like wood or concrete.

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