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A wall wrap completely changes your interior space. A stylish wall graphic from Revolution Vinyl can improve the look and feel of your room, store, or workplace at an inexpensive price, whether you have a house, a retail space, an office, or a restaurant.

Our wall decals, wraps, vinyl letters, and graphics serve multiple purposes: they can act as a type of interior decoration, as advertising and branding media, and as signage.
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Benefits of Wall Wraps

One of the most strategic decisions you can make for your Ogden, UT business and brand is to utilize your available wall space. 

Using wall wraps with vibrant colors and high-definition photos allows you to promote to visitors for free (once the upfront cost of the graphics has been paid)! 

Unlike wallpaper, paint, or other types of wall décor, our wall decals and wall lettering work hard to achieve the following goals and more:

• Promote and advertise your products and services
• Create unique interior design accents that are tailored to your company's branding and aesthetic
• Clearly communicate your company's mission, vision, and values
• Tell us about your company's history and achievements
• Direct people to take specific actions or to go to specific areas of your facility
Benefits of wall wrapsBenefits of wall wraps
Where to use wall wrapsWhere to use custom decals

Where to a Use Custom Wall Decal

Our wall graphics are used by business owners, interior designers, and facility managers throughout Utah for the following applications and many more!

• Commercial buildings: wall vinyl graphics look great both inside and out. They are suitable for outlet factories, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and malls, offices, warehouses, and many other types of commercial spaces. Our high-quality wall decals give employees, visitors, and customers a distinct sense of place.
• In place of wallpaper. Use custom vinyl wall graphics instead of wallpaper for greater design flexibility. Our wall graphics work well in hallways, conference rooms, boardrooms, break rooms, cubicles, and lounges.
• In art galleries. It's simple to generate original wall graphics from reproductions of the artist's own work since we can create personalized digital art, print it on vinyl, and apply it to a gallery wall.
• Residential: a wall decal is an excellent way to update that drab room in your home. Our wall decals will make a statement in any space, whether it's a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or hallway.

Custom Wall Wraps for Business Promotion

Thanks to our large-format printing and graphic design capabilities, your corporate or retail wall space becomes prime real estate for eye-catching branded visuals.

Branded Visual Communication that Complement

Your corporate interior or exterior walls gets a flash of flair and color with Revolution Vinyl's office wall graphics and wall decals. 

Make Your Selling Points Known to Potential Potential Customers

Branded wall decals and vinyl wall graphics, as well as window graphics, from Revolution Vinyl expose visitors, passers-by, and customers to your brand's selling points in addition to looking really sharp. People are mentally acclimating to your brand just by being in the presence of our personalized wall stickers.
Custom wall wraps for business promotion
Vinyl wall art for extra pizzazz

Vinyl Wall Art for Extra Pizzazz

A wall decal can be used for much more than just advertising. It has the ability to astonish, delight, and engage visitors. 

Reprints of Vinyl Wall Mural Art

Revolution Vinyl can reprint works of art onto huge sheets of vinyl and mount them on your walls. If you have the rights to the original artwork or mural design, we have the printing and installation capabilities!

Original Art Murals in Vinyl

If you want to create your own original artwork, or hire a graphic designer to create it for you, Revolution Vinyl can print and install it as large as you like. Or, rather, as large as your walls will allow!

Vinyl Wall Decals for Interior Decoration

Custom wall graphics from Revolution Vinyl might help you complete your remodeling project. What better way to liven up a stuffy old workspace, entryway, boardroom, or office than with color-coordinated graphics that span the entire wall surface?

Customizable Wallpaper

Cover the whole surface of your walls with our personalized wall graphics exactly like you would with wallpaper. 

Unlike wallpaper, Revolution Vinyl can print the colors, styles, images, and other visual components that will harmonize with the rest of your decor!

Use to Cover Full Walls or as Accents

You don't want to completely cover your walls in vinyl designs? Fair enough. Wall decals from Revolution Vinyl can be used as eye-catching accents to set your space off.
Vinyl wall art for interior design

Wall Graphics Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a custom wall wrap?
From a little logo or piece of signage to a gigantic mural that fills the side of a building, we can design, print, and install wall graphics of any size. The cost of our wall graphics is determined by a number of factors, including:

• The graphic or wall art's size
• Where it will be put in place (for example, is it in a hard-to-reach place that requires boom lifts, or is it easy to reach; is it inside or outside)
• The type of wall to which it will stick

Please call Revolution Vinyl at (801) 645-8429 for an accurate price quotation for your walls. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate on the cost of your specific project.
Will removing a Revolution Vinyl wall sticker leave residue on my wall?
A wall decal from Revolution Vinyl should come off smoothly and leave very little residue on your wall surface if done correctly. It's a different story why you'd want to take down such a fantastic piece of wall art.
Is it easy to install a wall decal?
If the wall sticker or mural is small in size, the wall surface is in good shape, and the person executing the installation is a skilled professional, it is simple to install.

Installation of larger wall murals and wallpaper can be difficult for the untrained, and there are numerous ways to go wrong. It gets a lot more involved than a simple bedroom wall decal.

The skilled wall installation specialists at Revolution Vinyl, on the other hand, have the appropriate skills, equipment, and expertise to install even the most difficult of mural graphics installations.
Is it possible for me to have any graphics I want on my wall decal?
Revolution Vinyl may print any graphics or patterns you want on your vinyl mural or wall sticker, subject to relevant copyright regulations.

Alternatively, if you want, we may produce new, unique visuals for you. Our talented graphic designer can talk to you about the look you want to achieve. They may then turn that vision into high-quality printed digital art, which our professional installers will hang on your wall.
Can Revolution Vinyl print company logo on a giant wall decal?
Yes, we can print any artwork or graphics, including your corporate logo, onto a wall decal. We can include a motto, corporate artwork, or anything else you'd like in your wall decal in addition to your logo.
Can you create a mural for a work space?
Yes, whether it's an industrial facility, co-working space, warehouse, or other type of place, we can create a mural for it. No matter what room or place the mural is for, the method is the same: we design our graphics to your specifications, then install them on your wall!
Is it possible to apply wall art on a non-wall surface?
Our personalized wall decals can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including equipment, doors, and even glass. As long as we know what kind of surface the designs are for ahead of time, we'll print them on the appropriate vinyl product to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting sticker.

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