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Ogden clear bra installation. Paint protection film at its finest.

Paint protection film installation

Paint protection film, commonly known as clear bra, is a wonderful thing! Clear bra is a rugged Polyurethane membrane that adheres tightly to your vehicle's Paint. The film is transparent, so you'll hardly know it's there, visually speaking. Where it really makes a difference is in the lack of rock chips to your paint. Those pesky bits of road gravel that chew up your front end? Deflected: clear bra throws them off with nary a scratch. Although you can wrap your entire vehicle in PPF, most people opt for a clear bra on the front end only. Makes sense, given that a full PPF wrap would be pricey, and the front end is where all the action is. While there are a lot of great Paint protection film products on the market (e.g., Xpel and 3M) we at Revolution Vinyl prefer that of Avery Dennison, which is why we offer Avery clear bra installation to our customers in the greater Ogden area. Call (801) 645-8429 to get pricing on your Avery Dennison Paint protection film installation!

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