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Paint protection film, commonly known as clear bra, is a wonderful thing! A clear bra is a rugged polyurethane membrane that adheres tightly to your vehicle's paint. The film is transparent, so you'll hardly know it's there, visually speaking. 

Where it really makes a difference is in the lack of rock chips on your paint. Those pesky bits of road gravel that chew up your front end? Deflected: a clear bra knocks them off without a scratch.

It's no secret that Revolution Vinyl is the vehicle vinyl wrap installer in the state of Utah. What many people are surprised to learn is that we also offer world-class clear bra installation via our sister brand, Armored Clear Bra PPF
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Advantages of Clear Bra

When it comes to protecting the paint on your vehicle, you can't go wrong with paint protection film. There are numerous reasons why a clear bra is a good investment:

• PPF keeps the resale value of your car high.
• Automotive clear bras can be kept clear by washing and drying the vehicle on a regular basis.
• PPF can be applied to new and used cars alike, as well as cars installed with vehicle graphics or vinyl wraps.
• Clear bras can be applied to specific parts of the car (like the hood and fender), or the entire vehicle (like the rocker panels, door edges, and side view mirrors)
• PPF lasts for years.
Paint Protection Film Installation in Utah - Revolution Vinyl
Paint Protection Film Installation in Utah - Revolution Vinyl

The Premier PPF Installer in Utah 

PPF isn't cheap, which is why you should only go with a certified clear bra installer with years of experience, which is Revolution Vinyl / Armored Clear Bra PPF.

While there are many excellent paint protection film options on the market (such as Xpel and 3M), we prefer Solar Gard for its superior longevity, ease of installation, and appearance.

If you're ready to protect your vehicle with clear bra call Revolution Vinyl at (801) 645-8429 or send an email to

Certified Solar Gard Clearshield Pro PPF Installer

Armored Clear Bra PPF / Revolution Vinyl is a certified installer of the Solar Gard Clearshield Pro Hydro paint protection film.

With Solar Gard PPF's long-lasting protection, you have peace of mind that your car is protected from road gravel and environmental contaminants.

We can apply Solar Gard Clearshield Pro clear bra to your entire vehicle, or to any of the various surfaces of your car.
Revolution Vinyl is a SolarGuard Certified Clearshield Pro Hydro PPF Installer in Utah

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Clear Bra Frequently Asked Questions

How much does clear bra cost?
PPF installation shops typically charge between $600 and $1000 for a clear bra (PPF for the vehicle's front, where the majority of paint damage occurs), with the price rising to several thousand dollars if the owner wants paint protection film applied to the entire vehicle. Usually, the $600 to $1000 price range includes a variety of paint protection film options, with the bumper, mirrors, and hood often costing the least.

For your customized price quotation, contact us at (801) 645-8429 or email
How long does automotive PPF last?
PPF is made of long-lasting polyurethane and can endure for years if properly maintained. A clear bra can often be used and kept in good shape for ten years or longer.
How do you maintain and preserve paint protection film?
Paint protection film does not require a lot of upkeep. Regular washing and drying of the car and its clear bra is sufficient for most brands of paint protection film. Dry the clear bra with a microfiber towel (just like you do with your vehicle paint). Cleaning and polishing agents with abrasive properties should be avoided.
Should I get paint protection for my new car?
When your car is brand new, it is the perfect time to safeguard it with paint protection film. The paint on your automobile will only deteriorate from there, and a clear bra will protect it and prevent future damage. The return on investment in terms of resale value is enormous, not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that your automobile will look fantastic for years to come!
Can you polish a car with paint protection?
The majority of clear bra manufacturers say that polishing the clear bra will void the guarantee. Consequently, you should proceed at your own risk.

A paint protection film meant to self-heal, however, should only be abraded softly and in a precise way to activate the polyurethane healing process. To do this clear bra self-healing stimulation, only a trained vehicle detailing professional should be utilized.
Can you wax a car with clear bra?
Waxing a car with PPF will depend on the type of vehicle wax and the brand of paint protection film. Visit the FAQ section of the manufacturer's website (e.g. 3M, Xpel, Avery Dennison) to learn more.

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